7 Makeup Brushes every girl should have

Makeup brushes that are functional, good for your skin, and easy on your wallet are not that hard to come by if you know what you are looking for.

If you want to achieve a flawless, beautiful look, these are the seven makeup brushes you need to have on hand to become part of your makeup regimen.

  1. The Foundation Brush: A foundation brush is imperative to achieve a flawless look and is very simple to use. Simply apply the foundation of your choice to the center of your face and sweep upward toward your hairline. This technique will give your skin a seamless finish and polished look. You can use a foundation brush with all types of foundations including liquid, cream, powder or cream-to-powder foundations.
  2. The Kabuki Brush: To get a sun-kissed glow from a bronzer, apply it with this amazing brush. Simply sweep the bronzer along your temples, hairline, cheekbone, and jawline forming the shape of the number 3.
  3. Concealer Brush: A concealer brush is a must-have to be able to apply concealer in the crevices around eyes and nose. Pat concealer under eyes and on blemishes then use the rounded tip to reach the nooks around your nose and eyes.
  4. All-over eye shadow brush: This brush allows you to get an intense, dramatic eye look with a simple windshield-wiper style motion across the eyelids.
  5. Blending Brush: This brush is a necessity to blend eye shadow properly. Simply apply your eyeshadow then blend upward in a circular motion to the crease of your eye to achieve a smooth, polished look. Blending also erases any mistakes you may have made when applying two or more colors of eye shadow.
  6. Smudger Brush: Smoky eyes are all the rage and to get the sultry look you want, a smudger brush is a great tool to have on hand. Simply line your lashes with lines then lightly sweep the brush from side to side over the liner.
  7. Powder Brush: When applying loose or pressed powder, you will want a great powder brush to dust the powder across your face evenly. This will ensure that you do not apply too much color in one spot and it will prevent foundation from smudging.

To learn about the proper use of these brushes and others, you can attend a makeup workshop to help you achieve the looks you want when applying makeup. Trish from TF Makeup provides Makeup Workshops on the Sunshine Coast, teaching women how to perfect their makeup so everyone always looks their best.